Constant Hunger Or Constant Hunger

I get sad sometimes when I read about the diet programs of actors and actresses that I really like.

Case in point. This is from an article on the internet of how a certain actress “keeps her figure” and looks after her health (I changed the name to Ms. X because, does it really matter who it is? Most of these articles about celebrity diets are the same):

“Because she ‘never slows down,’ Ms. X added that she takes amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins A, Bs, C, D, and E. ‘I’m always reading about ways to stay alkaline and cleanse… I try to work with [my body] and not burden it with chemicals or unnatural substances – especially because I ask so much of it.’ [She] starts every day with a glass of water either with fresh squeezed lemon [FYI: There is no evidence that this does anything at all], Dr. Schulze liver herbal cleanse, or Livatrex, she said. For breakfast, she eats steel cut oatmeal with almond milk, earth balance ‘butter,’ and maple syrup or cinnamon. ‘I’ve just discovered how easy it is to make my own almond milk! It takes two minutes!,’ she exclaimed. For lunch, she usually has a shake with added ground flax seed. And for dinner she said she loves a stir-fry with brown rice. ‘It’s so easy and good! I love soy sauce,’ she said.”

So a small bowl of oatmeal, a green smoothie or whatever for lunch and stir fry vegetables and rice for dinner? That’s it? I’d be so hungry if I ate that little everyday. Plus there’s a fair amount of unscientific woo in there, i.e. the lemon water and cleansing concoctions. That stuff is total BS.

After reading this “article”, I had an epiphany: I have lost weight several times and regained it several times because I lost it by unsustainable means. But, it seems like the only way for me to lose weight is to do so via unsustainable means. To create a calorie deficit that results in fat loss and by extension, weight loss, I need to eat about half the food that my appetite demands—at least it seems like half in volume, if not in calories.

It seems I am in the midst of a lifelong struggle between the constant hunger for a different body and just plain constant hunger.

So it seems like I have 2 choices. I can accept my body as is and just do my best to keep it healthy and mobile or I can be hungry, all day, everyday, for the rest of my life.

Spoiler Alert: I’m leaning towards the former.

This idea is well-explained by genius comedienne, Kathy Griffin.

#Emmys2014 VERY Sexist Moment

I kinda have to agree with Time Magazine on the sexist nature of Sofia Vergara’s platform spin. It made me a little uncomfortable…

Basically she stood on a rotating platform, like a brand new Ford Mustang at an auto show, while the President of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences rambled on about “diversity” in television. Eh.

Jezebel had this to say:

“[A]fter a night in which women literally dominated the stage and during a night that celebrates a format that is the best Hollywood’s got to offer women, forgive me if I don’t have much of a sense of humor about being slapped back to reality about what women really are in our society: accessories and afterthoughts.”

All in, it was a cringe-worthy moment…

#Emmys2014 Fashion!

I must admit that the middle-aged gay gentleman who lives inside my head really loves award shows! Naturally, he doesn’t really care who wins. It is all about what everyone is wearing, win or lose. Here are some fabulous (and a few heinous/weird) red carpet looks from the 66th Annual Primetime Emmys.

Let’s start with the cast of Orange Is The New Black. They pretty much…killed it!!!!! Take a look:

Uzo Aduba—gorgeous!

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

The rest of the OITNB crew hit it out of the park as well, in my opinion.

Taylor Shilling white oitnb yellow oitnb

laura prepon

laverne cox



















Now let’s deal with a few less than stellar fashion decisions. Let’s start with Lena Dunham. The issue I have with this dress isn’t the color. It isn’t the merengue-like material that the bottom is made of. It’s the fit. And she has a history of wearing really cool and quirky, yet ill-fitting gowns. I love her. She’s awesome. But hire a tailor. You’re a millionaire. Have your clothes properly fitted.

lena dunham


And here are some dresses that I just didn’t understand…

dont understand6

dont understand4 sarah paulson dont understand3 dont understand dont understand2


Ah, to be young, gifted, pregnant and sparkly!


Halle Berry, ya’ll. Enough said.

Halle Berry

And since we’re talking about major TV hotties…Sofia Vergara! Caliente!

sofia vergara














Sarah Silverman. She all classy and sh**…

Sarah Silverman






As are Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky and Lizzy Kaplan.

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals Anna Clumsky Lizzy Kaplan



Here is Zooey Deschanel looking pretty in pink!

adorable zooey

Here’s a funny lady in white!

funny lady in white


And this was my favorite dress of the night! Why? Because I could totally rock it. Perfect when you want something elegant, that is still “young” but doesn’t show a lot of skin. Bravo, Katherine Heigl!

Katherine Heigl

The fashion from Westeros was on point as well, I thought. A couple of the Game of Thrones ladies rocked it:

natalie dormer

lena headey

Boredom: My Worst Ememy

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your habits.

I will go through periods of time when my habits are great. I will keep up with the important news of the day, sleep 8 hours, eat vegetables and get lots of exercise.

But then something happens.

I’m less committed to sleep, more ice cream and cookies sneak into my diet, there are fewer vegetables and pork chops and fewer walks and weight lifting sessions.

So what’s my problem? Boredom.

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