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I Don’t Exercise to Be Skinny…

…I exercise to be awesome! That’s why I love THIS workout. It’s super fun.

I have nothing to gain from recommending it, I just like it a lot.


Sometimes Chemicals Are Better

This will be short and sweet.

So the right wing, anti-choice crowd wants to tell you that birth control pills cause cancer. The “natural health” gurus think they make you diabetic and the whole cancer thing, too. So based on the opinions of a myriad of health gurus, I stopped taking birth control pills, even though I never had any trouble with them and they made my skin look gorgeous.

I also stopped using “artificial chemicals” on my face. I was told that they were, again, cancer causing, not to mention acne causing.

These two decisions made my skin look horrible. It was discolored, blotchy and acne-ridden.

Acne, scarring and uneven skin tone. These were my problems. Those expensive “natural” skincare products did nothing for any of those problems.

But, hey, you know what did help?

Birth control pills and ProActiv. Chemicals and chemicals. Yes, the evil chemicals made in a lab.

This was a lesson in listening to my own body. Or in this case just looking at my face. My skin is flawless since I went back on the pill and the ProActiv.

You can hate on these two things all you want, but they work for me and for many others. So I’m going to just ignore all the finger-wagging and lectures and do what is good for me. I’m going with the products that solve my problems.

Not to mention the fact that the pill helps me avoid something else I have no interest in: Pregnancy.



Busy As Hell & Tryin’ To Get Stronger

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Been adjusting to the schedule at my new job.

I’ve had a lot to do in very little time. As much as I like my new job, I was recently invited to interview for a different one. It’s in San Francisco, rather than East Bay. It’s very interesting, would give me a chance to build some new and valuable skills…and it pays more.

So things are likely going to be getting even busier for me.

I no longer have the space in my brain to worry about how much space my body takes up, so I’ve decided just to eat, move and not worry about it.

The one fitness goal that is occupying a fair portion of my brain is strength. I really want to increase mine.

So I’ve been trying to figure out a way to shorten and streamline my lifting workouts so that I can trim them to two 20 minute sessions per week…in anticipation of my schedule getting even busier. I want to have my new system in place so that I can hit the ground running.

So I found this on You Tube. It’s Elliot Hulse talking about how you can build great strength with only 4 exercises! In the coming weeks, 4 moves may be all I have time for ;-)

Check it out below. Have a great week, guys!

“Fed Up” With Fear-Mongering & Pseudoscience

The latest in fear-mongering pseudoscientific health documentary nonsense comes to us courtesy of Katie Couric. You’re seen these kinds of documentaries before: Food Matters, Hungry for Change, SuperSize Me, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. Some are better than others. I have no issue with people using documentaries to tell their personal health transformation stories. I’m happy for them. I’m glad they are feeling better. Where you piss me off is when you make broad, unscientific claims about the origins of our health problems here in the U.S., demonize a certain food or group of foods, then tell Americans to avoid that food at all costs and that doing so will solve all their problems. No, no, and NO! Continue reading

“You’re Not Helping”

You know when you ask for advice and instead of getting something useful you get the same advice they gave you 6 months ago that you have taken and after telling them several times how it didn’t work, they keep repeating the same advice over and over?

I want to say to that person: “You’re not helping.”

You know when you scroll through your Facebook page or Twitter feed and someone you follow posts some ridiculous, unscientific rant about gluten or sugar or dairy?

I want to say to that person: “You’re not helping.”

You know when you find out that someone from your political party has done something unbelievably stupid, like tweet pictures of their genitalia to random people on the Internet?

I want to say to that person: “You’re not helping.”

You know when some dingbat game show host (redundant, I know) says some sh*t about climate change that makes no kinda sense and exposes him for the imbecile that he is?

I want to say to that person: “You’re not helping.”

You know when a friend texts you and tells you all about his/her latest cleanse/diet/detox or whatever?

I want to say to the person who sold them that “detox”: “You’re not helping.”

And finally, when I see crap like this:








I really want to say to that person: “You. Are. Not. Helping.”

But…when I see totally awesome stuff like this:

militant baker


I want to say: “This totally helped me. Thanks for doing it.”

You can’t properly care for a body you don’t love. Eat. Move. Calm The F**k Down.